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A Google Chrome extension to prettify and print articles from

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Welcome to PrettyPrintHTML5ROCKS!

This is an early version of PrettyPrintHTML5ROCKS, a Google Chrome extension built to print the articles from

Why PrettyPrintHTML5ROCKS?

How to install and use PrettyPrintHTML5ROCKS

Google Chrome Web Store.

To start using PrettyPrintHTML5ROCKS, go to chrome web store and search for PrettyPrintHTML5ROCKS or HTML5Rocks, and install the extension from the results. Alternatively you can go to the extension page and install it.


To use the extension. Go to any article on which you want to print. Click on the PrettyPrintHTML5ROCKS icon on the top right hand side along with the menu. The webpage would have been modified and the print dialog will be opened for you print the article. Clicking on 'Cancel' or coming back after issuing the print command, the page will be as it was before. You can save the articles into PDF format too for printing later. Google Chrome supports saving any print task as a PDF.